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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

About CSAK

Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK) is a professional, non-political, non-sectarian affiliation geared towards facilitating synergetic interaction between science and religion. CSAK has no affiliation to any sect or political party and is not aligned to any sectarian views. 

The Association's slogan is "Facilitating synergetic interaction between science and the Christian Faith."

The Association was founded on February 1, 2016. 

 Although Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya is primarily a professional group aimed at Christians working in science, a significant proportion of our members are not scientists.  We are happy to welcome into membership anyone with an interest in science and religion.



Africa is at a three-way crossroads of culture, religion (including Christianity) and modern education (science), often perceived to be immiscible” entities that are antagonistic and non-complementary. Many practitioners of religion and science do not view the latter as a God-given gift to benefit humanity. The apparent dichotomy needs to be bridged. Unfortunately, this dichotomy has created a knowledge barrier that has resulted in a lack of sharing of scientific information on religious platforms by scientists, even when there are apparent misrepresentations of scientific facts.

Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK) views science as a God given tool for the benefit of humanity. The Association is thus a platform on which the aforementioned issues can be addressed using scientific and theological knowledge to influence change of attitudes and practices within the academia and the wider community for socio-cultural transformation.

Use of modern science including biotechnology to afford products such as vaccines, medicines, and genetically modified organisms continues to elicit conflicting opinions with no apparent consensus between practitioners of faith and science. There is therefore need for scientists to be engaged in healthy discussions with all stakeholders on such issues and explain the role modern technologies play for betterment of humanity and responsible stewardship of the environment. CSAK will therefore provide the much needed platform for constructive engagement between practitioners of science and religion.

The platform therefore serves to bring together Christians interested in science to explore how interactions between Christianity and science in the African context can best synergise each other. Issues related to cultural practices and traditional beliefs within the context of Christian and scientific principles and how science can be harnessed as a God-given gift to contribute to the good of the society will be addressed.

Membership to the Association is open to scientists and theologians notably lecturers, administrators, postgraduate students and others who have an interest in the relationship between science and Christian faith.


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